An inadequacy in one’s understanding of the present presupposes the concept of waiting. I As a child, I constantly found myself annoyed at the present. So much of my life was controlled that I waited for the day when I could break out and be independent. I had to explain why I didn’t want to go to school, why I wanted to play instead of studying, why I couldn’t score in subjects I despised. The sheer lack of independence and freedom made we wait and wait for adulthood.

Having reached adulthood, I still wait for a break. I am in that phase where I am beginning to understand my own values on everything ranging from food habits to my work to romance, relationships and sex. My attitude is largely that of a “to each his own” and invariably this is in conflict with the highly judgemental atmosphere I live in. There are times when I wait for an occasion or an opportunity to move far away and start my life from scratch, new people, new places, a new job, new language, new food, etc and just totally forget the past 22 years. But I realise the futility of “this grass is greener on the other side” attitude. Given its inherently relative nature, it is bound to be an endless loop of disappointment.

There are ups and downs everyday. It is an inevitable part of my life, it is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Embracing this rather than waiting for a perfect world is the right way to go about it I suppose. I don’t know, just another confused young adult speaking here. I guess wisdom is another thing that I am waiting for.

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11 thoughts on “Wait

  1. “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”
    ~ Randy Pausch
    Remember “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” I think that one is down to Arnold H. Glasgow

    Goodness me, I am getting like the GOM offering you quotations two weeks in a row! ;)

  2. This time the GOM will not offer a quotation. He will simply state that if you are waiting for wisdom, you will wait till eternity. Now about eternity, I suggest you write privately to Grannymar about her take. Don’t wait, just write.

  3. It’s hard to run from problems – they tend to jump into your baggage and follow along behind. But sometimes a change of circumstances and place can help. If one is in a bad place, sometimes the grass is greener elsewhere – worth having a look rather than resigning oneself to one’s lot.

  4. @Rummuser: That means I am to be stuck in my present loop. Sheesh!

    @Blackwatertown: Now thats more appealing :) I might just take it up one day, especially about seeing the grass being greener on the other side!

  5. I have no great words. I do believe that when I give up trying to control my life and often the lives of those around me, I am happier. When I believe in myself and turn my negative thoughts to positive ones, I find my relationship with others improves. I also know that I have choices and meditating helps me make responsible ones.

  6. @Blackwatertown: Thank you although I have to say that there was hardly any preparation involved. One of those exams where I walked in blind. But thankfully the question paper required careful reading and application of mind rather than preparation which saved me from considerable embarrassment.

  7. My thoughts:

    You take discontent with you where you go. My friend said it better–she had moved somewhere different seeking both external and internal change, but moving only affects one thing not both.

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